Our Story

AbleLiving is a not for profit organization operated by Thrive Group. Thrive Group has been created to bring like minded organizations together to develop a broad range and continuum of services that enable clients to live fulfilling lives and as independently as possible. Thrive Group organizations operate independently but collaboratively with other organizations in the network. Benefits of membership include the opportunity to enhance client service, more efficient use of resources, and lower cost of service delivery. As a network, Thrive Group organizations also have access to operational synergies in human resources, finance, Information Technology and overall administration.

Our Philosophy

We believe living well is an art, not a science. Thrive Group makes living life well, on our own terms, a reality. With an integrated service delivery model, Thrive Group provides a healthy living experience that meets service, safety and care requirements in environments designed for people with unique needs.

Our Mission

Thrive Group provides a spectrum of integrated services to support and care for individuals to live as independently as possible. By bringing together like-minded organizations we will:

  • Develop and deliver quality services that are responsive and innovative
  • Enhance collaborative approaches to service provision
  • Inform government directives and influence health care system transformation, and
  • Create efficiencies and reduce duplication.

Our Vision

Building a community of quality and responsive services in a highly integrated and transformed health care system.

Our Values

Building a community of quality and responsive services in a highly integrated and transformed health care system.

Our Board of Directors

AbleLiving is governed by a voluntary Board of Directors who are committed to ensuring the highest level of quality care is provided.

Sean Casey
Don Ross
David Montgomery
Terry Anderson
Sue Rivers
Ruth Liebersbach
Dr. Brenda Vrkljan
Laurie Fox
Guy Dixon
Elizabeth Manganelli-Staite
Ted Capstick
Bob Luckhart

Our Leadership Team

Steve Sherrer

Chief Executive Officer

Lucy Sheehan

Executive Director, Community Services

Karen Heffernan

Assistant Director – Community Services

Melissa McGurk

Manager – Binbrook, Outreach and Transition Services

Andrea Evershed

Manager – Housing and Community Services

Jennifer Walker

Nurse manager