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Board of Directors

Board of Directors

AbleLiving is managed by a volunteer Board of 12 Directors.

The Board as a whole should have a broad and diverse range of skills, experience and qualities. In addition to the attributes necessary for a functioning team, knowledge based skills in a variety of disciplines are important to the continued success and evolution of AbleLiving. These may include: finance, risk management, quality and performance management, human resources, health care administration and policy, law, government relations, fundraising, health care, ethics, strategic planning, board governance, etc.

The Board of Directors is committed to fulfilling our Mission through a proactive governing style which emphasizes long term vision, active participation in decision making, strategic leadership and a clear distinction of Board and staff roles.

Board of Directors: 2016-2017

  • President and Chair
    • Sean Casey

  • Vice Chair
    • Don Ross

  • CEO
    • Steve Sherrer

  • Board Members
    • David Montgomery
    • Paul Lawrence
    • Christine Sawchuk
    • Terry Anderson
    • Susan Rivers
    • Dr. Brenda Vrkljan
    • Laurie Fox
    • Ruth Liebersbach

  • Honorary Member
    • John Mitchell

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